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The only valuable thing about women is their looks, manosphere “economist” Aaron Clarey declares

Woman cashing in on her economic asset

It’s Equal Pay Day, the annual holiday intended to remind everyone of the still very much real wage gap between men and women, so what better day for self-styled Manosphere “economist” Aaron Clarey to declare that the economic worth of women is based almost entirely on their hotness?

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Ladies! Stop working and concentrate on what you’re good at: Being young and fertile!

Seriously, you gals can't even sit on chairs properly!
Seriously, you gals can’t even sit on chairs properly!

Ladies! Stop doing stuff! Doing stuff is for dudes. So quit it with all the doing and concentrate on the be-ing Because that’s all you gals are good at, really.

That, at least, is the thesis of some dude who calls himself Otis, who did a thing over in the comments for a New York Times article. Our old friend Heartiste liked that thing he did so much that he went and did a thing with it on his blog. By which I mean he quoted it.

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Why do women work when they could just be living off some dude, confused MGTOW wonders

Well that's no way to find a husband!
Well that’s no way to find a husband!

Over in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, one recent convert to the MGTOW philosophy admits that there is one thing about the females that’s really baffling.

Namely, why do any of them work, when they could just use their magic hoo-has to snag some poor dude and live off of him, lying on the couch watching Jerry Springer amidst a pile of bon-bon wrappers?