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Today’s MGTOW hero wants to bash women with a lead pipe, thinks Wonder Woman is overrated

Our boy also thinks the so-called “virgin” Mary was up to no good

By David Futrelle

Today’s MGTOW of the Day is a doozy, even by MGTOW standards. He truly has gone above and beyond the call of duty, by which I mean some of his opinions might cause you to literally throw up in your mouth a little.

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Just some dudes who think a lady-only Wonder Woman showing makes them Rosa Parks

Have the guys complaining about women-only Wonder Woman movie showings ever read Wonder Women comics?

When the¬†Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas announced they would be holding a few women-only showings of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, the angry dudes of the internet all cried “foul” at once.

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Is Rey from Star Wars an affront to God and a terrible role model for women?

An affront to God, apparently?
Beating up dudes with a stick is not very ladylike, young missy!

So the question on the table for today is: Are asskicking women in action films an affront to “godly, awesome, beautiful, feminine women” and, well, now that you come to mention it, our heavenly Father too?

According to Christian cultural critic¬†Nathan Alberson, the answer is “yes.”