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Andrea “Judgy Bitch” Hardie: Women aren’t xenophobic enough to deserve the vote

I told you those gals were trouble!
I told you those gals were trouble!

It’s always refreshing to see Men’s Rights Activists momentarily cease their grousing about the alleged evil and inferiority of women and take up the important issues of our time — like, for example, whether we men should rise up as one and take away women’s right to vote.

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In which I get an email from Women Against Feminism [CORRECTION: THE EMAIL WAS FROM A COPYCAT SITE]

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Just posted this on Confused Cats Against Feminism, but it was too good not to post here as well:

So I just got this curiously impersonal email from the admin at Women Against Feminism. (Gosh! Could it be a form letter?)

Hi David Futrelle,

I wanted to say thanks for writing the article about Women Against Feminism.

Whilst it’s clear that we don’t agree on all points, hearing both sides of the argument will get more people thinking about what they believe in and which set of points they feel aligned with more closely.

This can only be a positive step forward, not only for women, but for society as a whole.

To help get more people thinking about what they really believe, I was wondering if you could make add a link to our new website in your article?

We’re trying to create a centrally located hub where the discussion about Women and Feminism can flourish, with everyone getting a chance to share their opinions, and we believe that a website is the best place to do it.

Would you be able to help facilitate that conversation by adding a link to the site?

The URL is

Once again, thanks for furthering the discussion about women and feminism through your article. Even though we don’t agree on all the same points, we really appreciate getting these concepts heard and empowering people to make up their own mind.

Many thanks,

[name and email redacted]

So I wrote back:

There already is a central hub for this discussion:

Could you redirect all of your traffic there? Thanks!

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Confused Cats Against Feminism march towards world domination!

My cats in their earlier days, unaware of the internet fame that awaited them. (Greasy fur courtesy of eardrops that were supposed to have remained in the ears.)
My cats in their earlier days, unaware of the internet fame that awaited them. (Greasy fur courtesy of eardrops that were supposed to have remained in the ears.)

I just posted this over on Confused Cats Against Feminism, but I want to share the good news  here as well:


My kitties and I are humbled by the response this little blog is getting!

Scratch that bit about the kitties; they’re never humbled by anything.

But I am. Confused Cats Against Feminism has picked up more than 2000 followers in the two days since I announced the blog to the world, and my various inboxes are overflowing with dozens of pics of adorable cats who are very confused about feminism indeed.

So far Confused Cats has been featured on Buzzfeed — thanks, Rachel Zarrell! — The Frisky, and SFWeekly, and the cats and I are preparing for a major interview with an important publication in the cat world. Well, the cats are sleeping, mostly, but it is good to be well-rested.

This amazing response clearly shows that it is not only humans who can be really, really confused about feminism.

And if your cats (or any of your animal friends) are confused antifeminists, SEND MOAR PICS PLEASE! You can submit them here, or by emailing me at futrelle [at]

Granted, I’m still sorting through all the pics I’ve gotten so far, but like cats I can always use more good things delivered to me. If your pic isn’t up yet, it may well be in the queue.

Oh, and if you like this blog, you might also like my other blog, We Hunted the Mammoth, a slightly less cat-centric look at confused antifeminists, Men’s Rights Activists, and misogyny in general on the internets.


David, Sweetie Pie, and Pantz

PS: If you see this blog mentioned in the media or on website you frequent, could you drop me a note with a link? Thanks!

Amazing! And keep those pics coming!

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Cats respond to #WomenAgainstFeminism with new blog: Confused Cats Against Feminism

You can't argue with that!
You can’t argue with that!

So two of the females in my household have decided, sadly, that they want to get in on this whole Women Against Feminism thing. Yes, that’s right: they want to publicly declare their opposition to feminism.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to take pictures of them with signs spelling out their objections. None of their arguments make much sense to me, but, hey, they’re entitled to make their case on the internet if that’s what they want.

There’s just one little complication: the two antifeminist females in my household are not, you know, human females. They’re cats. Not being, strictly speaking, women, they can’t really post their pics to the Women Against Feminism blog.

So in the interest of free speech and fair play, I’ve set up a Tumblr blog where my cats, and other cats who share their beliefs, can take their stand against feminism – no matter how ridiculous their arguments are.

I present to you: Confused Cats Against Feminism.

You can see the first post there now, featuring my own adorably furry traitors to their gender.

I urge you to submit pictures of your own antifeminist cats, with their own little signs.

You can submit pics on the Confused Cats Against Feminism site, post pics in the comments below, or you can email them to me here at futrelle at

There’s just one rule: your cats must be genuinely confused about why they oppose feminism, and generally unclear about what feminism is.

And the ideas expressed on their signs must be their own. In other words, I don’t want any Men’s Rights Activists paying cats on Fiverr to hold their signs for them. That shit won’t fly in this litterbox!

All that said, blatant photoshopping is perfectly fine. This is the internet, after all.

And if your animal friend is something other than a cat, that’s fine too. As long as it’s possible that they might think that they’re a cat.

Also, feel free to put the word “Poland” or the Polish flag on your pictures. A lot of the women on the Women Against Feminism blog do that, for some reason.