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Happy Day Before Post-Valentine’s Day Candy Sales! Open Thread with BONUS CREEPY V-DAY CARDS

Uh, what?

By David Futrelle

My earlier post today was so depressing I thought I’d post a thread to get everyone’s mind off of it. Celebrate V-Day or share your plans for the post-V-Day candy sales. Or just talk about whatever. No trolls!

Here are a few creepy vintage Valentine’s Day cards just for the hell of it.

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Have an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Christmas with these really creepy vintage ads

I want to shoot the whole Christmas day down

By David Futrelle

Yesterday we took a look at some weirdly horny vintage Christmas ads, including a number featuring none other than Santa Claus getting his North Pole wet (well, by implication).

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Six photos that prove the dogs are up to something, too

What happens once you leave he house
What happens as soon as you leave the house

On numerous occasions in the past, I have posted pictures and videos indicating that the cats of the world are clearly up to something nefarious. Tonight, some proof that dogs are in on it too.