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Reddit’s Jailbait king Violentacrez goes on CNN, digs his own hole deeper

So Michael Brutsch – recently outed as notorious Reddit creep Violentacrez – appeared on CNN last night to discuss the fallout from his outing. It was not a wise choice on his part. He hasn’t been making a lot of wise choices lately.

Brutsch spent much of the cringe-worthy interview in self-pity mode, talking about the horrible consequences he and his family had suffered as a result of his behavior, the most notable being the loss of his job. He seemed only barely aware that others might have suffered from his actions over the years running subreddits devoted to the exploitation of underage girls. Like, for example, the girls themselves.

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Charity Begins at Home: A Reddit Quiz

Here’s a quick Reddit quiz. Take a look at these comments, found this afternoon on Reddit:

To whom are they directed?

a) A Redditor known as Help4Yew, long-time moderator of the Help4RapeVictims subreddit, who recently lost her job.

b) A Redditor by the name of CouchSurfer666, a guy trying to make a trip around the world sleeping on the couches of different Redditors, but who was injured while hiking in northern India and unable to afford a plane ticket back to the US.

c) The Redditor formerly known as Violentacrez, the man behind many of Reddit’s most notorious subreddits, including Jailbait, Chokeabitch, Niggerjailbait, Rapebait, Hitler, Jewmerica, Misogyny, and Incest, and who lost his job after Gawker revealed his real identity.

Do I even need to tell you the answer here?

It’s C, by the way. I made up the other two examples. There are threads soliciting donations in the following subreddits, among others:  c1rclejerkersc1rclejerkers again; ImGoingToHellForThis; mensrights; legalteens. (These are links to the threads, not the subreddits; don’t read the comments in c1rclejerkers if you want to retain any faith in humanity or at least Reddit.)

For more on Violentacrez, check out the media coverage linked to on the front page of SRS’s Redditbomb subreddit at the moment.