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26 creepy, threatening or otherwise completely inappropriate vintage Valentine’s Day cards

Today, a little trip back in time to Valentine’s Days past. Which turns out to be a lot weirder than you might have expected, at least if the Valentine’s Day cards our ancestors gave each other are any indication.

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Happy Day Before Post-Valentine’s Day Candy Sales! Open Thread with BONUS CREEPY V-DAY CARDS

Uh, what?

By David Futrelle

My earlier post today was so depressing I thought I’d post a thread to get everyone’s mind off of it. Celebrate V-Day or share your plans for the post-V-Day candy sales. Or just talk about whatever. No trolls!

Here are a few creepy vintage Valentine’s Day cards just for the hell of it.

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Hot for Santa: The Unbearable Horniness of Vintage Christmas Ads

For vacuum fetishists, it’s the best Christmas ever!

By David Futrelle

With Christmas only a couple of days away, I decided to put together a little roundup of some of the most wildly misogynistic Christmas ads from the Mad Men era — loosely and somewhat expansively defined as the mid-50s through the mid-70s.

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Sexist cartoons get dada

Today, a guest post from Etelka, the blogger behind the hilarious Wretched Refuse blog, which you all should read every day.


Thanks for letting me sit in, David! As I was telling you, I recently did some rooting around in a unique cranny of pre-manosphere media: sexist vintage cartoons. In the late ’40s and ’50s there were a lot of them published in books like this. (Some of the book covers that follow have been borrowed from the Vintage Sleaze blog here.)