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Labor Day Capybara Video Party and Open Thread

It’s labor day here in the US, which is basically a day to relax. So I thought I’d share some videos of perhaps the most relaxed animal in the world: the mighty capybara!

off topic open thread

Chill the fuck out with these oceans

By David Futrelle

No manosphere today. Today only oceans.

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Ten Hour Beach Sunset vs Big Cats in Boxes: An Open Thread Video Showdown

Sorry, folks. I migrained out today. (Headache seems to be fading now.) So how about an open thread? And a VIDEO SHOWDOWN? Vote for your favorite below!

VOTE! Unlike the real elections last week, there is no wrong choice here, and the results will not cause you to curl up in a fetal position on your bed for a week!

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Friday Night (Cat) Videos

I think we’re sort of overdue for some cat videos. And any other kinds of cute animal videos you want to post below.

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Off topic: Yes, the pie-throwing angel bassist is wearing roller skates.

Turns out not all men are bad! For example, Roy Wood is a man, and he did this.

If you can’t get enough of this Wizzardry, here’s another performance of the same song. And yes, the bassist is wearing angel wings and roller skates in this one too, though the guitar-playing gorillas are nowhere to be found. Also, no backup singers. I’m beginning to suspect that there might be some lip-syncing going on.