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It’s Veterans Day, #GamerGaters. Lay off the military imagery and remember those who fought in real wars


Today is Veterans Day in the US, a day to honor those who’ve served in the armed services. That is, real soldiers, who have fought in real wars.

As one person with a silly name but a good point wrote on Reddit:

There are many examples of military-themed calls to action and propagandizing in [Kotaku in Action, the main GamerGate subreddit] used to rally their users into a virtual “battle” against ideas that they don’t agree with. …

Today, take a step back and remember that very real people fought in very real battles and answered very real calls to action for their country. Today should serve as a sobering reminder of not only those who served, but also how ridiculous [GamerGaters] sound when they pretend that this is some type of war they are nobly fighting for when there are those who actually serve bravely for their country.

GamerGaters love comparing themselves to soldiers fighting a war against, well, whatever it is they think they’re fighting a war against.