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“Dissident right” website VDare took in millions of dollars from donors eager to spread its hateful message

Conservatives know that, with enough money, you can buy your way into almost any debate. Rich right-wingers have been pouring millions of dollars into think tanks for decades and propping up money-losing periodicals and websites that could never thrive (or possible even survive) on their own. And it works.

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Tucker Carlson gets two pasty white thumbs up from white nationalist site VDare for his endorsement of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory

You answered your own question, buddy boy

Fox News’ white-men’s rights activist Tucker Carlson has won himself plaudits from white supremacists and others on the racist right for not-so-subtly sneaking their ideas and rhetoric into his nightly monologues.

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Racist idea man Steve Sailer wants male scientists working on coronavirus to be exempt from #MeToo accusations

Man scientist doing important man work, cannot be disturbed by petty complaints from women he groped

By David Futrelle

Noted racist, er, “intellectual” Steve Sailer has an interesting proposal that he thinks could speed up research on the coronavirus: we should exempt male researchers in the field from accusations of sexual harassment and assault until the virus is finally defeated.

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Alt-Right racists are very handsome boys, according to their mothers — and

Handsome Nazis are ... stil NAzis
Handsome Nazis are … still Nazis

There’s a civil war raging within the American right. On one side, we find a trio of more-or-less mainstream conservatives: Republican strategist Rick Wilson; Daily Caller writer Matt Lewis, and the National Review’s Jamie Kirchick. On the other, Alexander Hart, a regular contributor to the white supremacist site

At issue: whether or not Alt Right dudes are a bunch of loser weirdos who can’t get laid.