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Men’s Rights Redditors respond to my Urban Dictionary post with closely reasoned, substantive arguments

Well, it seems that some of the good folks on the Men’s Rights subreddit have taken issue with my post this morning congratulating them on their massive victory in brigading their preferred definition of “MRA” into the top spot on Urban Dictionary. Apparently they think I was trying to brigade their victory away from them.

Let’s take a look at some of their specific complaints, shall we?

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A stunning victory for Men’s Rights Activists

Give yourselves a pat on the back, fellas. You deserve it!
Give yourselves a pat on the back, fellas. You deserve it!

Never let it be said that Men’s Rights Activists cannot effect meaningful change in the real world through the power of their activism.

At least if your definition of “effecting meaningful change in the real world” is “voting their preferred definition of MRA to the top spot on Urban Dictionary.”

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Reddit MRA upvote brigade to the rescue! Or, the Battle of the Urban Dictionary Atheism+ Definition

Reddit MRAs, heeding the call to service, once again prove what dedicated activists they are. Check out the upvotes on this baby!

Today Urban Dictionary, tomorrow the world! (Also, check out those tags!)