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Mike Buchanan, the Men’s Rights buffoon who won 153 votes in the UK elections, is declaring victory

Aw yeah!
Aw yeah!

On May 7th, as I noted here yesterday, Men’s Rightser Mike Buchanan only managed to score a humiliating 153 votes in the UK election. This brought the total number of votes cast for Buchanan’s Justice for Men and Boys Party to — let me doublecheck the math here — 216 votes. 216.

The Labour Party, by contrast, won a total of 9,347,326 votes. But this was considerably less than the victorious Tories, and was seen as such a disaster for the party that Labour leader Ed Miliband resigned in disgrace.

But Men’s Rights Activists can never admit defeat. And so huge loser Mike Buchanan has declared his total drubbing to be a victory of sorts, telling the world — or whatever tiny portion of it that was paying attention — that his party had “achieved what we set out to achieve.”

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UK Election: Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party gets 153 votes. Not 153,000. 153.

Mike Buchanan: Has strong feelings about touching women's bums
Mike Buchanan: Has strong feelings about touching women’s butts. Screenshot from a Daily Mirror video; click for link.

Apparently the UK elections are a bit of a disaster. But there is one bit of good news amidst the wreckage:

Mike Buchanan of the Justice for Men and Boys party is a huge loser.