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Cry Moar, Mitch McConnell: Tweets of the Day

Poor Mitch, I’m just so sorry you couldn’t steal my healthcare you goddamn weasel

By David Futrelle

I find a lot of interesting and funny stuff on Twitter every day so I thought I’d try rounding some of that up for you all on a regular, perhaps even daily basis. Today, it’s all (or mostly) about the FAILURE of the Republican’s attempts to destroy healthcare. A good day (so far, but it’s not even noon yet where I live)!

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The Senate is about to vote! CALL NOW to defend Obamacare!

Mitch McConnell, haunted by the spirits of those who will literally die if he gets this bill through

By David Futrelle

Hey everyone, I’m still lost in headache-land (see my last post for details) but this is REALLY REALLY important for all WHTM readers in the US.

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Trumpcare dead!? GOP has lost two more votes! Open Thread

Mitch McConnell has a sad

The Summer 2017 WHTM pledge drive is on! Donate generously to enable our continuing coverage of GOP ratf*ckery! Thanks! 

By David Futrelle

BAM! Two more Republicans have announced they’ll be voting no on moving forward on Trumpcare, for a total of four. So it looks like the bill is DONE.

actual activism

Call your Senators today! Call them every day! Stop the GOP from destroying healthcare!

UPDATE: The Republicans are delaying the healthcare vote until after July 4th recess. This is a victory for us, but it’s not over. KEEP CALLING! Hit the Town Halls! 

This is it, folks! The GOP is pushing for a Senate vote by the end of this week on their plan to uninsure millions so they can give tax cuts to the super-rich, aka the American Health Care Act or Trumpcare. If it passes, it will be sent back to the House, where a vote could be immediate.

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Just some Republicans celebrating a bill that declares rape a preexisting condition

Ain’t no party like a Republican party (Click for larger version)

So as you presumably have all heard by now, the Republicans were able to get their Obamacare repeal bill through the House. Which means we need to 1) make sure they don’t get an equivalent bill through the Senate 2) make sure that all the Republicans who voted for this bill lose their jobs as soon as possible.

actual activism

#ResistTrump: Call TODAY to stop Trumpcare Mach 2

Trumpcare will bring us real death panels

Hey, anti-Trumpers and lovers of health insurance. It’s crucial you call TODAY to stop the Republican push for Trumpcare Mach 2, especially if your rep is one of the undecided Republicans who are key to stopping the bill.

Here are some tweets with relevant info!

#ResistTrump actual activism trump

#ResistTrump: Call about Russia! Call about Gorsuch! Call about Health Care!

Ugh. This guy again.

Ok, folks, let’s get calling! Three big issues to push on this week.