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The Top Ten Things I Learned from the Twitter Tantrum that is #TheTriggering (So Far)

Well, at least they're TRYING
Well, at least they’re trying

Today is the day of the Twitter tantrum known as #TheTriggering, a contrived hashtag in which the Internet’s biggest jerks have decided to post crap that is slightly more jerky than the crap they usually post.

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Donald Trump continues to kill it in the Anime/Nazi fanboy demographic

Not Pictured: Hitler
Not Pictured: Hitler

So at this point, we all know that a non-negligible portion of Donald Trump supporters are also fans of anime. And Hitler. Right?

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Dude is mad [homophobic slur] and [ethnic slur] think his Trump shirt promotes hate

He mad
He mad, too

Oh, Trump fans, never change!

Ted • 20 hours ago Bernietard in Lit told me that I was promoting "hate" by wearing a Trump shirt. This dude is your quintessential SWPL faggot. Even before Trump he hated me. All because I called dramakids fags like a year ago. Aside from that and a few glares from spics, I got nods and thumbs ups from peers . My friends didn't make comment on it. They already know me as that trump supporter lol Being a vocal Trump fan hasn't damaged my life...yet. 2 • Reply•Share › Avatar Det. Snide Ted • 20 hours ago Fuck the spics. Keep up the good work.