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Reddit’s Trump fans praise Putin, mock talk of Trump treason — then attack Hillary for colluding with Russia?

It’s always “Lock Her Up” time in Reddit’s The_Donald

By David Futrelle

Never doubt the ability of Reddit’s The_Donald — the site’s biggest hangout for meme-loving, conspiracy pushing Trump stans  — to turn the worst debacles into wins (in their minds at least) for our illegitimate president.

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Open thread on this bullshit, brought to you by The Hives’ “Hate to say I told you so”


By David Futrelle

Well, today was a another disgrace.

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Song of the Day: Treason, by The Teardrop Explodes featuring Don Trump Jr

World’s least competent colluder

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By David Futrelle

A little musical open thread to discuss the amazing news! No Trump fans, trolls, or Don Jr sockpuppets allowed.

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The Leaks are Coming From Inside the Trump: Another Trump Open Thread Because JFC

This is fine

So I took a nap and when I woke up the WaPo had reported and other media outlets had confirmed that our Dear Leaker, sorry Leader, had leaked classified info to the Russians at that meeting last week, possibly because he wanted them to know that he’s a BIG BOY now with access to all sorts of secret President stuff! So have at it. Also, maybe I should stop napping. What if my nap CAUSED ALL THIS OH NO.


The 6 hottest hot takes on the #ComeyHearing from Reddit’s TheDonald

Roger Stone: The real winner in the #ComeyHearings?

If you’re looking for insights as to what the real impact of today’s #ComeyHearings will be for the Trump regime, why not turn to the world’s greatest experts on all things Trump, the endlessly babbling TrumpTrainers of Reddit’s TheDonald?

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Secret (Russian) Agent Trump: New memes for new revelations

Never go anywhere without your shoe phone!

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In light of the latest revelations about Russian interference in the presidential elections, I made some more memes you might want to post around this internet of ours.

Well, they’re basically all the same meme, with slight variations. And only two of them are usable. But I’ll be making more!

Here’s the meme with standard white meme-y text:

Here’s a weird and unusable variation:

And another even weirder and even more unusable version:

Here’s a song about a much cooler secret agent:

Feel free to make and post memes of your own!


By request, here’s one with no text: