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Candid photo of Davis Aurini, white nationalist on paper

Aw, who's a little racist? You're a little racist! Please poop on the paper please.
Aw, who’s a tiny racist? You’re a tiny racist! Please poop on the paper please.

Davis Aurini, the bald half of the Sarkeesian Effect brain trust, has famously declared himself “a huge white nationalist on paper.”

The candid photo above, which I definitely did not assemble using photoshop ten minutes ago, reveals that this is not entirely true. He is, in fact, a tiny white nationalist on paper.

NOTE: When I say that I “definitely did not assemble [this photo] using photoshop ten minutes ago,” this should be taken to mean that, yes, I did in fact assemble this photo using photoshop ten minutes ago. I spent a few minutes of this lovely spring day crudely photoshopping a swastika armband onto a puppy. This is the sort of sacrifice I make for this blog.

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Sarkeesian Effect Makeup! Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini are reunited, and it feels so weird

Woah, as Keanu Reeeves, playing Neo or possibly some other character, might say.

Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini, the Sarkeesian Effect duo, are BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, and plan to finish their, er, “film” together shortly! Aurini posted the video above yesterday, announcing the reunion and giving a timetable of sorts for finishing the film, which obviously won’t be met, but hey.

Owen seems to have confirmed this, posting this video consisting of nothing more than the Owen/Aurini logo — yes, they have a logo — and the classic Peaches and Herb song “Reunited.”

Then again I haven’t seen Owen on camera announcing the reunion, so it’s possible that the wily Aurini has him tied up in the trunk of his car.

Also, Aurini is missing his goatee, which raises the possibility that the person making the “Aurini” video is actually his evil twin — or maybe his good twin, I’m not sure — from an alternate universe. You know, like in Star Trek.

Ah well. I’m going to assume this is legit. I was really looking forward to two Sarkeesian Effects, but I suppose I will be able to make do with just one.

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Totally authentic and not at all fake leaked footage from The Sarkeesian Effect documentary

Some amazing leaked footage from The Sarkeesian Effect project. Weirdly, both Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen seem to have grown full beards and started talking with some sort of fancy British/Aussie/New Zealand accents.

CONTENT NOTE: Video contains not only poor lighting, a bathtub rant, and Davis Aurini laughing but also some in-character gaslighting and rape advocacy.

H/T — Everyone who sent me a link to this one.