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The Pronoun Pipeline: How innocent cises trick themselves into turning trans, according to some idiot

The wrong kind of pipeline

Watch out, cises, those transes are sneaky! First they trick you into listing your (regular cis) pronouns in your bio in solidarity with trans people — a seemingly innocent move that slides you into the “trans pipeline.” And before you know it. you’re a full-fledged trans person yourself.

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“Gender critical” transphobes attack LEGO for a new playset that acknowledges the existence of trans people

Lego just announced that they will be releasing a new LGBTQ playset just in time for Pride Month, with gender-indeterminate characters in all the colors of the rainbow flag, including the pink, white and pale blue stripes representing trans people.

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“Gender Critical” Redditors attack a trans woman for the crime of wanting to be pretty

Presumably the TERFs will be picketing this store next

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By David Futrelle

Over on the “Gender Critical” subreddit — the most popular hangout for Reddit’s Trans-Excluding Radical Feminists (TERFs) — the regulars are getting good and mad at an unnamed trans women because she said in a video that she wanted to look pretty.

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Some trans women literally “get a boner from having their pronouns respected,” Reddit TERF asserts

By David Futrelle

Most people recognize it’s wrong for someone to impose their sexual fetishes on people without their consent — whether the fetishist in question is a boorish dom who demands that women to treat him with the sort of exaggerated deference that no one is obligated to provide anybody unless they’ve agreed to do so as their sub, or if he’s an outright sexual predator like Louis CK coercing younger female comedians into watching him masturbate.