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Alex Jones’ Heartbreak: Today in Tweets

Alex Jones had a long night

By David Futrelle

In the wake of last night’s missile strikes on Syria, Trump is declaring “mission accomplished!” (Haven’t we heard this before?) Meanwhile, his fans on the far right, from literal Nazi Assad lovers to not-quite-Nazi America Firsters are crying foul. Alex Jones is literally crying.

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TRUMP ANGRY! LAUNCH MISSILES! Today in Tweets, Friday the 13th Edition [UPDATED]

McCabe is Comey! Comey is McCabe! Black is white! Tyranny is freedom!

UPDATE about 5 minutes after this went up: TRUMP ORDERS MISSILE STRIKES ON SYRIA

Here are a few initial reactions to the strikes on Twitter, followed by my original post:

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Mike Cernovich’s war on reality kicks into overdrive in the wake of Syria attacks

Mike Cernovich: Rejecting your reality and susbstituting his own

When events in the real world challenge our preconceived beliefs, most of us experience a sense of cognitive dissonance; the intellectually honest amongst us ultimately adjust our beliefs to account for these inconvenient truths. Others respond by inventing their own realities in which these truths are deemed falsehoods.

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Donald Trump, Globalist Cuck: Alt-Rightists leap off of Trump Train after Syria “betrayal”

A sad day in Kekistan

When Donald Trump lauched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase last night, it took a lot of observers by surprise, none more so than the Alt-rightists and fellow travelers who’ve long made up his most fervent fan base. To say they weren’t pleased would be a gross understatement.

open thread

US Intervention in Syria: Open Thread

As I write this, NBC is reporting the US has just launched a volley of Tomahawk missiles against Syria, aimed at a single airfield. Things are developing quickly. Here’s an open thread to discuss.