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“When you have sex with a porn video, you are uniting with a demon,” and other insights from the Christian NoFap subreddit

In the secular NoFap movement, participants talk all the time about fighting their demons — pornography and masturbation — but they’re only speaking figuratively when it comes to the demon bit.

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Succubus troubles, again

There’s trouble in the astral realm. The trouble is that it’s filled with horny Reddit dudes astrally projecting themselves into the spirit realm in hopes of turning some friendly ghost into a friendly ghost with benefits — and getting a little freaked out when the being they’re astrallly schtupping turns out to be a succubus.

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MGTOW Redditor: “Any woman you encounter is possibly a Succubus. Make no mistake, it wants your semen”

Women out there just being succubi now

By David Futrelle

It’s succubus time again here at We Hunted the Mammoth. Over the years, I’ve run across more than a few weirdo misogynists obsessed with the notion of women as succubi, those (I think) mythical sex demons who disguise themselves as beautiful women in order to seduce men and steal their sexual energy, if not their very souls.

'bating irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny

Sick of women? Date a succubus, mystical MGTOW recommends — and he’s not speaking metaphorically

Watch out boy, she’ll eat you up

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By David Futrelle

Some so-called Men Going Their Own Way really do go their own way. Take, for example, an anonymous fellow who showed up on the forums some time ago with some out-of-the-box dating advice for men who have given up on women: Why not literally conjure up a succubus, and have sex with her?