MRA answers the question “what do feminists want” while sitting on the toilet

Man doing some deep thinking

By David Futrelle

Hold onto your hats! A Redditor has finally come up with an answer to the centuries-old question “what do feminists want?” Weirdly, he arrived at this answer while sitting on the toilet and (apparently) thinking about boots.

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MRA comic totally nails feminism and its central demand that men pay for dinner


I sometimes make fun of Men’s Rights activists for their assorted misunderstandings of feminism. But this guy gets it! I’ve never seen the essence of feminism distilled into a comic as ably as this.

It brings back memories of the first time I read Andrea Dworkin’s classic “Intercourse: You’re Not Getting Any Unless You Pay for My Dinner.”

Found on the Men’s Rights subreddit, with 100 upvotes.

H/T — r/againstmensrights