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Reddit or Stormfront? The hip new game that's sweeping the nation

Uh, dudes, that's not how you upvote someone on Reddit.
Reddit upvotes, in real life.

Just wanted to let you all know about avery diverting — and damnably difficult — little game you can play on the internets: Reddit or Stormfront?

The premise is simple: You’re presented with an assortment of terrible comments, and you simply have to guess whether each one came from the hive of whiteboy bigotry known as Reddit … or the hive of white supremacist bigotry known as Stormfront.

It’s actually really hard. I’ve been playing it off and on since last night, and I’m barely doing better than pure chance.

The game was evidently inspired by the funny/disturbing Reddit-critical subreddit, SRSsucksOrStormfront. You might also enjoy perusing MRMorWhiteRights.