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Bannon and Gorka, out! Will these creepy pics of Stephen Miller get him booted too?

The dead eyes opened

By David Futrelle

I posted some creepy pics of Steve Bannon; the next day he was out of the White House. Then I put up creepy pics of Sebastian Gorka; last night he was shown the door. Coincidence, or proof that I have some kind of voodoo powers?

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Trump Dreams of Firetrucks: Today in Tweets

Only white dudes (and dogs) are allowed on the Trump Truck!

By David Futrelle

In today’s Tweetpile: Stephen Miller takes on the tired and poor, Trump tries to pay attention in meetings, white people convince themselves that black people get to go to college for free, and some record-breaking polls for the Trumpster!

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Just some dudes who think a lady-only Wonder Woman showing makes them Rosa Parks

Have the guys complaining about women-only Wonder Woman movie showings ever read Wonder Women comics?

When theĀ Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas announced they would be holding a few women-only showings of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, the angry dudes of the internet all cried “foul” at once.