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VIDEO: Jordan Peterson plays the hits, as remixed by Vic Berger

Well this picture turned out a little weird huh

By David Futrelle

For your viewing pleasure, a collection of Jordan Peterson’s maybe-not-so-finest moments, as curated by the always entertaining Vic Berger for Super Deluxe.

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Your missing socks — laundry weirdness or evil female mind game?

It's also possible your cat has them. Devious little bastards.
It’s also possible your cat has them. Devious little bastards.

Fellas, you know how sometimes socks go missing (or at least seem to go missing) in the laundry? Weird, huh? Or is it all part of a sinister plot?

On The Red Pill subreddit, one concerned fella warns his comrades that laundry-doing females maybe losing your socks on purpose, for some nefarious female reason we may never understand.

[H]oly shit, can chicks wash a pair of socks without one disappearing into a parallel dimension never to be seen again?

Little shit I know. But I’ve spent the bulk of my life as a single guy in his own pad. NEVER had the missing sock issue, could always find my shit. It’s not hard to do, being organized, so this leads me to think the whole thing is a woman’s mind game designed to test you.

They are devious, these human  females.

H/T — Cloudiah