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Apple’s Siri programmed to deflect questions about feminism with carefully evasive answers

The Women’s Liberation movement, according to Apple

If you get bored one day and decide to ask your Google Home device whether it’s a feminist, it will reply forthrightly: “I’m a strong believer in equality, so I definitely consider myself a feminist.”

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Internet laughs after Men’s Rights Activists discover that Amazon’s Alexa is a feminist

I don’t think this is going to work out well for you, dude. (From Basil Wolverton’s  “Robot Woman.” )

Men’s Rights activist Andy Thomas made a terrifying discovery the other day.

He had just received a brand new Amazon Echo — Amazon’s entry into the virtual assistant market, a chatty little device that answers to the name Alexa. It was, Thomas wrote in a post for MRA garbage site A Voice for Men, “the science fiction of my childhood come true!”