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Fellas, is it gay to tell a woman she’s hot while you’re boning her?

Kissing seems hella gay too, idk

I love the Ask The Red Pill subreddit so much. Because where else can you find questions like this?

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Simpageddon: Twitch bans the word “simp” — and incels have feelings

The streaming site Twitch, in an attempt to reduce harassment on its platform, announced earlier this week that it would be banning the abusive use of the terms “incel,” “virgin,” and “simp,” three favorite epithets amongst the asshole set. So far at least one streamer has been temporarily banned for using “simp” as an insult.

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“If you aren’t celibate, you’re a simp” declares celibate Redditor

Every man’s got one, apparently

By David Futrelle

“Simp” is the new “cuck,” a catchall term that internet losers on the right and in the manosphere like to apply to any man who’s insufficiently misogynistic in their jaundiced eyes.