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New He-Man reboot has TOO MUCH LADIES in it; angry He-Babies review bomb the show on Rotten Tomatoes, wiping away tears

What’s going on?

So the angry boys of the internet are angry again, this time over Netflix’s reboot of the Masters of the Universe show, directed by Kevin Smith. What happens when the angry boys get mad about movies and TV shows? They all go to Rotten Tomatoes and this happens to the audience score:

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He-Babies lash out at the new She-Ra, bravely defend the white race and cartoon ladies with huge gazongas

The original She-Ra and her oversized breast … plate

By David Futrelle

So the guys who get mad about imaginary tiddies are mad about imaginary tiddies again — or, rather, the lack of them. This time they’re mad about the lack of huge gazongas in Netflix’s reboot of She Ra, the 1980’s He-Man spinoff that none of these dudes ever watched in the first place either because they weren’t born yet or because it was a show for, ick, girls.