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Black athletes are turning white men into a cucked “third sex” by being better at sports, weirdo racist football fan argues

By David Futrelle

Caste Football is an online forum devoted to the premise that white athletes (sorry, White athletes) are terribly discriminated against in professional sports. According to the site’s posting guidelines:

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Racist, sexist and sexually insecure is no way to go through life, alt-right dudes

Every alt-right dude’s worst nightmare

One thing you can say for alt-right dudes: They’re not shy about exposing their sexual insecurities to the world.

The only thing is: They don’t actually realize that’s what they’re doing.

a voice for men antifeminism creepy empathy deficit entitled babies evil sexy ladies memes men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA ugly feminists

Someone could probably write a Master’s thesis about the sexual insecurities on display in A Voice for Men’s "memes."

Classy, A Voice for Men, very classy.
Why are so many MRAs and PUAs so invested in the notion that women who reject them will end up miserable?

A Voice for Men’s ongoing campaign to convince the world that “Men’s Human Rights Activists” are a bunch of petty, malicious, sexually insecure douchenozzles continues apace.

I mean, that must be what they’re really up to, right? Because no one who actually had any real interest in human rights of any kind would produce “memes” like the one above and all the rest below, delivered to your eyes straight from AVFM’s Fcebook page.

At their best, AVFM’s memes are merely baffling …