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Incel says: Moving to Thailand for sex is a hassle. So seek out poor and/or vulnerable women closer to home!

Have you considered starting a cult?

By David Futrelle

Western incels often fantasize about solving their no-one-wants-to-have-sex-with-them problem by moving to Southeast Asia where, they assume, they’ll have their pick of attractive, extremely impoverished young women ripe for sexual exploitation.

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QUIZ: Who called #MeToo accusers a bunch of “starf*ckers” — putative leftist Aimee Terese or professional misogynist Paul Elam?

Aimee Terese and Paul Elam: Bad Take factories

By David Futrelle

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a certain subspecies of contemporary leftist — the anti-“identity politics” types who take a naughty delight in dismissing their foes as “retarded” — and the pepe-posting assholes of the alt-right and/or the woman-hating dinguses of the Men’s Rights Movement.

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Moby’s story of his 1999 “relationship” with then-18-year-old Natalie Portman isn’t just creepy; it’s full of holes

The “happy” “couple”

By David Futrelle

In his memoir, Then It Fell Apart, published earlier this month, former rave superstar Moby tells the story of what he says was a brief and bittersweet relationship he had with actress Natalie Portman in 1999 when he “was thirty-three and she was twenty.”

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Incel hopes to find desperate runaway girls and abuse survivors to exploit for sex

Incels: The real creepers

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By David Futrelle

Over on the noxious incel forum, one of the resident creepers has a new idea that is actually one of the oldest ideas ever thought of by a human male: exploiting the most vulnerable teenage girls he can find for sex.

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For Men’s Rights Redditors, sexual abuse only counts if the perpetrator is female, apparently

Nothing there indeed

By David Futrelle

On Thursday, former Iowa youth basketball coach Greg Stephen pled guilty to multiple child exploitation and child porn charges after admitting to sexual exploiting some 400 boys, including players he coached, over the course of many years. The details of the case are truly horrifying. As the Associated Press notes,

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A Voice for Men fights for the rights of men by fat-shaming women — and men

From AVFM's Facebook page.
From AVFM’s Facebook page.

Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men has a long history of fat shaming: apparently, like Roosh V and assorted other Red Pill douchebags, the good folks at AVFM consider the existence of fat women to be an assault on manhood, and possibly civilization itself.

Because that’s just the sort of human rights activists they are.

But even by AVFM’s low standards for logic, their latest little meme campaign against the evil fatties is a bit puzzling. Take the meme at the top of the page, found on AVFM’s Facebook page.

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Creepy expat "dates" 18-year-olds "because they make excellent devoted sex slaves."

Pubic louse. One of many creatures that Xsplat is worse than.
Pubic louse. One of many creatures that Xsplat is worse than.

There are a lot of good reasons why the words “creepy” and “expat” end up together so often. But sometimes the word “creepy” really isn’t strong enough.

Take the latest post on Random Xpat Rantings, the blog of an especially creepy 50-something expat living in Bali. “Xplat’s” posts are almost always skin-crawlingly awful, but he’s really outdone himself with a sexually explicit ode to cross-generational, er, “romance” titled “The value of being the center of religious devotion.”

He’s not big on self-awareness, this guy.

He starts off with this doozy:

Many people, men included, can’t seem to wrap their minds around why on earth a man would date a teenager 30 years younger than himself.

No, I think pretty much everyone knows why you’re “dating” a teenager – in a country with a per-capita income one-fifteenth that of the United States.

An 18 year old is capable of extreme crushes, and can be brought into a religious reverie of constant devotion towards her man.

Like I said, he’s not big on self-awareness.

Especially if she’s given regular doses of intense sex. Intense physically, erotically, emotionally, violently, romantically, exhibitionously, and any other ly. Just intense experience in which it feels as if you share the same emotional and physical worlds.

Exhibitionously? (Not a real word.) Violently?

After some vaguely Buddhist pseudo-profundities on the nature of “love,” he launches into a grotesque and explicit discussion of how the young woman he calls “N18” pleasures him sexually “with frenzied devotion.” We’ll just skip past that and move on to this:

I am the center of her world, and when we are together you will see her spend all her attention on trying to make me happy. I don’t dole out love constantly, but she relishes each burst of it, and patiently waits around for the next dose.

His hot-and-cold approach to doling out “love” is of course a classic abuser tactic.

This is not just a matter of blow jobs on command. This is loving devoted passionate blow jobs.

That’s why an older man would date an 18 year old. Because they make excellent devoted sex slaves.

I’m speechless.

Even after four years of writing about the “manosphere” I’m still amazed and appalled by the ways these guys manage to outdo themselves in awfullness.

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Creepy expat: "Properly owned" women appreciate a man's "pimp hand."

Western "tourists" in Southeast Asia (Cambodia)
Western “tourists” in Cambodia

Today, a look at an appalling apologia for domestic violence and abuse from everyone’s least favorite creepy expat, the anonymous “game” blogger behind Random Xpat Rantings. Oh, and he also offers a handy rationalization for child abuse as well.

Xsplat, is, by his own description, an expat in his late 40s living in Indonesia and “dating” a teenager considerably less than half his age. Well, not just dating: apparently he feels that he “owns” her.

He starts off his post by arguing that parents have the right to spank their children because the children are, in essence, their property:

creepy men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny PUA sexual exploitation

A creepy expat in Southeast Asia explains why money = tits and how this makes exploiting poor women for sex ok

The sexiest man alive?
The sexiest man alive?

Over on Random Xpat Rantings the terrible excuse for a human being who calls himself Xplat sets forth an intriguing proposition: for men in search of sexy times, having money is the equivalent of a woman having tits.

In other words, it’s not absolutely necessary for a man to have big bucks to garner the attention of the opposite sex, just as it’s not absolutely necessary for a woman to have something in the tit department in order to garner the attention of men, but it helps. A lot.

Oh, by the way, the title of the post in which he sets forth this theory is “ALL women are inherently gold diggers down to their pussy juice.”

Let’s let him explain, in his own icky way: