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Self Care Break: Get a brief respite from the terribleness with some extreeeeemely relaxing videos

Cats are much better at relaxing than we are

By David Futrelle

Given the events of the last several days, I’m sure a lot of you are feeling pretty wrung out right now. I certainly am.


Self-care: Not just for bourgeois narcissists

Mmmm, watery!

As some of you no doubt noticed, I didn’t post over the weekend. The reason is simple: After last week’s Republican convention — that bizarre festival of hate that’s somehow given Trump a boost in the polls — I needed a couple of days to clear my head and remind myself that there’s more to life than Anime Nazis and woman-hating dolts. I’ll probably be doing this more in the future, though I’ll try to store up posts that I can put up on the days I’m taking off.