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Roger Stone threatens, er, “predicts” bloodshed if Trump is impeached: Today in Tweets

The most pointed version of this goofy meme, courtesy of @MazMHussain on Twitter

By David Futrelle

Longtime Trump pal and world-class weirdo (the bad kind) Roger Stone is definitely just predicting a civil war and political assassinations if Trump is impeached, I mean, goodness me, why would anyone think he was threatening or trying to incite violence?

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Scott Baio on Trump: “He grabs you. Holds you. He puts his arm around you.”

Scott Baio has not yet mastered microphones

Much like a fart, but much larger and alive, Scott Baio is one of those celebrity has-beens who has managed to linger in the public consciousness for decades without contributing anything of value to the world. He’s also one of the few celebs who’s openly supported Unpresident-Elect Donald Trump.

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Silver Lining: We were spared Trump TV

I don’t want my Trump TV

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So here’s a little silver lining: Remember how, before the election, some people were speculating that Trump’s whole candidacy was really just an attempt to build up an audience so that he could launch Trump TV after he inevitably lost?