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Roger Stone threatens, er, “predicts” bloodshed if Trump is impeached: Today in Tweets

The most pointed version of this goofy meme, courtesy of @MazMHussain on Twitter

By David Futrelle

Longtime Trump pal and world-class weirdo (the bad kind) Roger Stone is definitely just predicting a civil war and political assassinations if Trump is impeached, I mean, goodness me, why would anyone think he was threatening or trying to incite violence?

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Quiz: Who’s responsible for the Newtown shootings, according to commenters on The Spearhead?


A quick one question quiz, which all regular readers of Man Boobz should be able to ace.

Question: Over on The Spearhead, commenters have been offering their opinions about the Newtown school shootings. All but one of the following quotes have been taken word for word from the Spearhead, and reflect who or what the quoted commenter blames for the shooting. Can you identify which statement is NOT from a Spearheader?

A) “Guns don’t kill, the culture kills. A culture of out of control children. A culture of child neglect and abuse brought about and driven largely by the feminist philosophy of the fulfillment of women comes before ALL else, including their children, born or unborn. It wasn’t a hard sell because women already have a dark and selfish nature.”

B) “[A] sick person who may have been turned into monster with the help of a selfish and thoughtless woman.”

C) “I wonder to what extent did the shooter’s mom and female teachers have in motivating his actions? what if the shooter is the victim? what if more and more evidence (or strong implications) of the women using their authority as mom and teachers to manipulate a mentally unstable young man keeps coming out? … Of course it’s not actually paranoia if ‘they’ really are out to get you, is it?. And ‘they’ being a feminist police state, well, they really are out to get me!”

D) “Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Actually, in many ways, feminism is Munchausen syndrome by proxy.”

E) “The problem is women running things. Even after all the massacres, the dearies continue to insist the solution is to disarm all the law abiding citizens.”

F) “A Feminized Culture.”

G) “Lifelong sworn conspirators, murder incorporated, organized feminism, the police and judges, the deadly sneak parroting puppet gangsters, using all the gangster deadly Frankenstein-feminist controls—these hand and rope sneak deadly feminazi-gangsters, the judges and the police, trick, trap, rob, wreck, butcher and murder the people to keep them terrorized in in gangster Frankenstein earphone radio slavery from the Communist-feminazi-gangster government and con artists parroting puppet gangster feminist scum.”

BONUS QUESTION: Did anyone on The Spearhead blame the actual killer? Y/N




ANSWER: A through F are all from The Spearhead. G is the ringer, from a rant by famous paranoid ranter Francis E. Dec, Esq, with the words “feminism” and “feminazi” worked into it here and there to make it sound a little more Spearheadish.

Sources: A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

BONUS ANSWER: Surprisingly, yes. This guy.

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National Review writer: Men and “husky” boys could have prevented the Newtown school shootings

Apparently Charlotte Allen thinks all janitors look like this.
Apparently Charlotte Allen thinks all janitors look like this.

It’s always a little distressing to see manosphere-style dumbassery outside the manosphere. Today’s offender: Charlotte Allen at National Review Online, explaining how the deaths in Newtown are the result of the school’s “feminized setting.” Had the school been filled with manly men (and manly boys), Adam Lanza could have been stopped in his tracks!

No, really, that’s what she says. Except that what she wrote is somehow even more egregious than my sarcastic summary. Read for yourself: