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The Majority Report chronicles Jordan Peterson’s increasingly bananas comments about women

Jordan Peterson: U mad, bro?

By David Futrelle

I ran across this Tweet this morning from an intrepid Jordan Peterson debunker on Twitter and, well, it’s pretty much spot on:

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Bill O’Reilly: “For critics of Donald Trump, his posture is not a happy time”

No, occifer, you’re the one who’s had a few drinksh too many

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News that won’t make you miserable, in the form of a clip from the Majority Report with Sam Seder highlighting a segment from Bill O’Reilly’s show in which the Fox News blabber offered some rather odd insights on Donald Trump’s posture and the nature of time.

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Debate: Matt Binder of the Majority Report vs. Paul Elam of A Voice for Paul Elam

So there’s a LIVE debate tonight between Matt Binder of the Majority Report with Sam Seder and a fellow you may have heard of by the name of Paul Elam. Since Elam evidently refused to debate on the Majority Report — for some reason he doesn’t like to debate people when he doesn’t control the venue — Matt Binder agreed to debate on A Voice for Men, with Dean Esmay as the, ahem, neutral moderator. It’s at 6 PM Eastern.

I expect some shenanigans.

Here’s the video that inspired Elam’s debate challenge:

Here’s Matt’s video accepting the challenge:

Check out Matt’s other videos on Men’s Rightsers and our dear friend Stefan Molyneux.