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Red pilled Redditor shaken to his core by existence of attractive 36-year-old woman

Typical 36-year-old woman, according to Red Pillers

There’s an old saying that Red Pillers have made their own: “Men age like fine wine; woman age like milk.” Red Pill lore states that women are at their peak attractiveness in their teens and early twenties, after which they “hit the wall” at age 30 or so and rapidly lose their looks, ultimately becoming attractive only to the most desperate of men.

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Grown man has existential crisis over lack of access to his ex-girlfriend’s butt

Yes, I’ve made this joke before

I‘m becoming somewhat addicted to the Ask The Red Pill subreddit; it’s such an amazing mixture of bad ideas and weird insecurities, a place where earnest Red Pill ideologues offer relationship advice to men who really shouldn’t be in relationships of any kind.

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Red Piller finds the perfect girlfriend. There’s just one problem: She’s (gasp!) 30

Typical 30-year-old woman, according to the Red Pill

Good news, everyone! One lucky Red Pill Redditor has found the girl of his dreams.

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MGTOWs debate the best way to “Red Pill” 14-year-old boys

Getting them while they’re young

It’s depressing to think that some Men Going Their Own Way have children. It must be awful for their daughters to have to deal with such floridly misogynistic dads, and the situation isn’t that much better for the sons who have to endure hateful and unhelpful “red pill” prothletizing during their formative years.

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He suddenly came home with a sex doll: Redditors gloat over a “concerned wife’s” incredibly fishy tale of woe

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, a brand new Redditor calling herself (himself?) concernedwife123 posted her (his?) tale of woe in an assortment of subreddits — looking, allegedly, for some advice. The alleged woman explained how she had allegedly lost her alleged husband to an alleged sex doll with “huge tits and a round ass with very human like skin.” But she (allegedly) felt she couldn’t really complain, because she had been mostly turning him down for sex for months. She (allegedly) felt awful.

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Suffrage Succotash! Redditor discovers her boyfriend doesn’t think women should be allowed to vote

Did not expect this to be a big issue in 2019

By David Futrelle

Apparently the sorts of dudes I write about on this blog are just out there in the real world, some of them dating women who have no idea about the fetid misogynistic notions rattling around in their boyfriends’ heads.

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Dump him, or take a dump for him? The stark, stinky choice one Redditor says her boyfriend is forcing her to make

Listen to Jeff Goldblum, Reddit girlfriend!

By David Futrelle

The Relationships subreddit — which thousands of Redditors turn to for relationship advice, and which millions more turn to for creepy vicarious entertainment — has always been a tad, well, asymmetric, gender-wise: the relationship problems that women tend to write in about tend to be exponentially more horrific than the complaints sent in by guys.

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And the Creepy Boss of the Week Award goes to … this dude posting on Reddit

He’s just trying to help

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By David Futrelle

I don’t even know how to begin to summarize this very long and very creepy post from the Relationship Advice subreddit from a male boss who seems just a teensy weensy bit too “concerned” about a female employee’s relationship with her boyfriend.