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How can I flirt with a woman without accidentally making her feel good about herself, alpha male wannabe wonders

Show some sympathy for the poor alpha male trainee confused about how to flirt with women without inadvertently making them feel good about themselves by telling them they look pretty or something.

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The eugenic case for deadbeat dads, by some Red Pilled wanker

Red Pillers aren’t exactly big fans of single mothers, whom they blame for assorted social pathologies and generally refuse to date. But what about the missing fathers? Are they to blame for deserting the mothers in the first place?

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Red Pillers are out there breaking their own hearts and I can’t say I feel the slightest bit of sympathy

Sorry, Pat. These guys are their own heartbreakers.

The manipulative and often just straight-up abusive dating “philosophy” promulgated on the Red Pill subreddit is bad news for any woman it’s inflicted upon. But it’s also bad news for the Red Pillers themselves, promoting a vision of the world as a cold, cruel place where no one gives a shit about anyone else.

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Reddit pickup artist complains that his “lay ratio” has dropped due to coronavirus

Calculating the Lay Ratio

By David Futrelle

Priorities, we’ve all got them. For example, my top priorities for the next year and a half are to 1) not die and/or 2) go completely broke. By contrast, the top priority of a Reddit “pickup artist” known as RedPill_Swinger is to procure himself as many potential future “lays” as possible, worldwide pandemic or no.

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Red Piller: Evil girlfriends will fatten you up to make you unsexy then dump you for a sexier guy because THAT makes total sense, right?

It’s a TRAP!

By David Futrelle

Beware of women bearing potato chips, because they’re out to kill your sexy, sexy body and make you, like, a fatty. Especially beware when the woman in question is your longterm girlfriend, because this is all a devious plot to kill her feelings of attraction towards you because secretly all women want boyfriends they don’t think are attractive, or something.

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MGTOWs declare coronavirus their “greatest ally” because it’s forcing women to return to the home

The 50s were wild, man

By David Futrelle

Not long ago, we met some Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists happily declaring that the coronavirus must be a TERF like them because it was disproportionately killing men — and (allegedly) making trans women sad.

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Who Goes Red Pill? A sequel to Dorothy Thompson’s Nazi-guessing parlor game

Take the fucking blue pill

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By David Futrelle

In 1941, writer Dorothy Thompson invented what she described as “an interesting and somewhat macabre parlor game” called “Who Goes Nazi?” The idea was simple: the next time you’re at a party, or some other social gathering, take a look at those around you and try to guess which ones would, “in a showdown … go Nazi.”

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Red Pill Redditor: Show your true alpha nature by totally dominating tiny dogs

Alpha male making a tiny dog his bitch

By David Futrelle

Red Pill dudes agree that to be a true alpha male, you need to dominate the women in your life. Apparently the same rule applies to man’s best friend as well: Alpha males need to be the alpha dog to their own dogs — even if (especially if) these dogs are teenie-weenie cutie-wooties.

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A Red Pill teen’s lament: My mom’s a slut who “acts feminine outside the home”

It’s hard for any teen to discover that his moth-er is a slot

By David Futrelle

It’s every alpha teen boy’s worst nightmare, or perhaps his darkest fantasy: He becomes “red pilled” on Reddit only to discover that, in the harsh light of his new philosophy, his dad is a beta cuck and his mom is a slut.

Such is the sad tale of one young Red Pill Redditor called lifeisweirdasfuck.

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No, NiceGuy897393, your plan of hitting on your crush while she’s ovulating and hypnotized by your stinky “ferimones” won’t work

Dudes, there’s more to women than their eggs

By David Futrelle

Several years ago, a certain subset of pickup artists became obsessed with ovulation after reading (or hearing of) a study suggesting that women on the verge of ovulation tend to be especially attracted to the sort of hyper-masculine “alpha males” that PUAs spend so much energy pretending to be.