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MGTOWs and cooking go together like unidentifiable glop on rice

Don’t kiss THIS cook

By David Futrelle

Men Going Their Own Way are determined to let the world know that they really can go their own way — and that they neither need nor desire some dumb taks to take care of the basic tasks of life like, you know, cleaning, or preparing food for themselves.

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Enjoy this delicious (if possibly a teensy weensy bit meat-heavy) MGTOW pasta salad!

Now THAT’S a salad!

By David Futrelle

Last night, a tweet from writer Lucy Valentine reminded me of the classic A Voice for Men post I wrote about several years back in which MGTOW master chef August Løvenskiolds offered up his unique recipe for “Buck Buck Chicken,” a bland and possibly slightly dry delicacy that even a MGTOW could cook, because all it involved was sticking a frozen, unseasoned chicken breast in an 450 degree oven for an hour while you yelled at feminists online. (No, really, those were his cooking instructions, yelling at feminists included.)

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Quiz! Computer-generated recipe title, or misogynistic slur for women?

Robots love cooking!

Yesterday I ran across an amusing blog post from research scientist Janelle Shane who, just for the hell of it, has been “training this neural network to generate cookbook recipes by letting it look at tens of thousands of existing recipes.”