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The Week’s Worst Tweets From Terrible People, feat. @RooshV, @StefanMolyneux, @RichardBSpencer

Angry dudes typing with their thumbs

By David Futrelle

For your convenience, a small collection of awful tweets from some of the delightful individuals who have appeared in the virtual pages of We Hunted the Mammoth over the years, and a few who haven’t. You will be happy to learn that I have included no tweets dealing with the Mueller report in any way. [EDIT: Ok, I lied about the Mueller thing.]

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Tallgate: Man uses SCIENCE and a woman’s wedding pic to rebut her claim of being seven and a half feet tall. (She was joking.)

We’re through the looking glass, people!

By David Futrelle

Perhaps one of the reasons that so many men are convinced women aren’t funny is that these guys have no idea when women are making fun of them.

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Christchurch mosque shootings: The Aftermath (Twitter roundup/open thread)

Flowers punned to the gate of one of the mosques targeted in yesterday’s shooting

By David Futrelle

From Twitter, some thoughts about the horrific tragedy yesterday in Christchurch — and just who is responsible for creating the toxic environment in which this sort of murderous right-wing Islamophobic extremism thrives.

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White supremacist ladies man offers Trump tips on how to seduce the women of America

Ladies Love Cool Donald
Ladies Love Cool Donald, even if they think they hate him

RamZPaul is a cheerfully racist YouTuber who’s big with the white supremacist crowd. And while he thinks so little of women that he doesn’t believe they deserve the right to vote, he also seems to see himself as a bit of a ladies man.

It was in the latter capacity that RamZ recently offered some advice to his man Donald J. Trump — because of course he’s a Trump supporter — on how to seduce the women of America into voting for him.