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Far freakin out! MGTOW Timothy Leary gets high on his own misogyny

By David Futrelle

So it was a normal day on the Men Going Their Own Way, just a bunch of lady-obsessed, lady-hating dudes hanging out and talking about how they don’t even see women as attractive anymore, how do you like them apples, ladies?

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Psychedelic Psean Pspycer: 5 pics of Trump’s press secretary on shrooms, allegedly

What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

Sean Spicer often seems as though he’s living in an alternate reality. I’ve been assuming that’s because, well, basically his job is to present bald-faced lies to the press and pretend that Donald Trump’s various pronouncements on any given subject aren’t a random mess of contradictions.

But what if the real explanation is that Spicer is just really, really high?