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Men’s Rights Redditor discovers the poopy power of metaphor

TheRandomedOne 5 points 19 hours ago 
Ignore would be better option unless you have a lot of free time and already have new job lining up.

They are human shaped so it is easy to forget that those are just putrid parasite in an excrement of a gynocentric society they are only there because diversity hire or some other BS and they wouldn't be so hostile in the first place without unproductive HR scum to back them up their opinion are nothing but regurgitated dogmatic scum and you won't change their mind because there are no mind in there but an excess waste of an internet opinion mold into dogma like a shit smeared on a toilet wall.

Even if you ignore the fact that these societal parasite can land you in jail, would you engage in conversation with smeared shit on a toilet wall ?

So, over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, the fellas are discussing whether one should engage with, or simply ignore, any man-hating women in one’s general vicinity.

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These vomiting, pooping “Sparkly Critters” are the only children’s toys that understand the true horror of the world today

By David Futrelle

Browsing Twitter this morning, I came across this video, which at first I thought was just a joke.

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Red Pill philosopher: A relationship with a loving woman is a lot like taking a crap

Shall I compare thee to a morning poop?
Shall I compare thee to a morning poop?

So over on the Ask The Red Pill subreddit, one fellow had an unusual question: what to do about a girlfriend who is “TOO GOOD. TOO PERFECT” for him.

It’s starting to get to a point where i’m disgusted with how much she loves me, and how dedicated she is to me. She’s no longer a challange, and i’ve been considering leaving her.

One Red Piller with something of a philosophical bent offered him a ratherĀ unique perspective on his dilemma:

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7 Totally Awesome Last Minute #GamerGate Halloween Costumes

This could be you!
This could be you!

So you waited until the last minute to pull together your #GamerGate Halloween costume. And you’re lazy as crap.

Well, you’re in luck! Here are seven totally half-assed, no-effort #GamerGate costumes you can pull together in a few minutes with stuff you have around the house!