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America’s image overseas improves dramatically with Trump out of the White House. Right-wingers think this is a bad thing.

Biden at the G7. With Trump out of the picture, Boris Johnson plays the role of the buffoon.

Given that most of the world hates Dona;d Trump nearly as much as I do, it’s not surprising that America’s standing in the world has increased greatly now that he’s out of the White House.

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Trump Dreams of Firetrucks: Today in Tweets

Only white dudes (and dogs) are allowed on the Trump Truck!

By David Futrelle

In today’s Tweetpile: Stephen Miller takes on the tired and poor, Trump tries to pay attention in meetings, white people convince themselves that black people get to go to college for free, and some record-breaking polls for the Trumpster!

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Trump’s plunge in the polls is … good for Trump, ingenious Redditors explain

84-dimensional Chess Master?
84-dimensional Chess Master?

So the Trumpistas in Reddit’s The_Donald are trying to figure out just why God Emperor Trump is plunging in the polls even though he continues to draw big crowds of scary and confused white people wherever he goes.