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The Week in Woke: Unhealthy Woke Mask Mandate Edition

Boldly resisting the culture of wokeness

It’s time for another of our weekly looks at the world of “woke” — the all-purpose insult that’s the right-wing’s new version of so-called political correctness. Right-wing ideologues (and Bill Maher) are still railing about the allegedly “woke Olympics” and the evils of “woke capitalism.” But there are a few other examples that caught my eye this week.

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Right-wing conformists attack leftists for their alleged conformity

Because you know that life is full of pain and total conformists

So there I was, scrolling through my RSS feeds, when I ran across a little gem of an article from the Epoch Times — you know, the Trump-besotted newspaper run by a literal cult. I was drawn in by the title “We Live in the Era of the New Conformists.”

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Mansplainin’ 2: Electric Vulvaloo! The dude who had a Twitter meltdown over the word “vulva” is back

Let me explain it to you one more time

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By David Futrelle

Some guys can’t take a hint. Or even several thousand hints.

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Men oppressed by feminists telling them that maybe they shouldn’t constantly ogle women

If feminists get their way, this will be illegal!
If feminists get their way, this will be illegal!

Fellas! I don’t know if you know this, but we’re living in an, um, let me be sure I have this right, a “totalitarian regime dictatorship of forcing social justice and politically correctness.”