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Labor Day Tribute to the Grotesque Old Party

Donald Trump: U mad, bro?

By David Futrelle

Happy Labor Day, insofar as this can be a happy day considering all the horrendous things going on in the world at the moment. I’m foregoing a regular post today to put up this visual tribute to the Party of Trump. Consider this an open thread to discuss what shits these people are.

#ResistTrump open thread

Repub “health care” bill pulled. RESISTANCE WORKS! Happy Friday!

The Republican party in action

It’s a good day. And it’s all thanks to those who protested in the streets, who showed up at Town Hall meetings, who called or wrote their elected representatives, who did anything else they could think of to fight repeal. If you were part of the Resistance, and I know a lot of you were, give yourself a big hand. You did it. We did it.

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#ResistTrump: Call about Russia! Call about Gorsuch! Call about Health Care!

Ugh. This guy again.

Ok, folks, let’s get calling! Three big issues to push on this week.

"ethics" #ResistTrump actual activism

#ResistTrump: Call congress to stop ratbag Repubs from breaking ethics oversight

Congressman Bob Goodlatte: Neither good nor a latte

UPDATE: Republicans removed this provision from the rules legislation. It’s not clear if they’ve dropped it forever or just because it looked bad to do it on the first day of the new session. 

So Congressional Republicans had a private meeting last night in which they voted overwhelmingly to launch what you might call an anti-ethics bill. They[re attaching a sneaky little amendment onto a bigger bill that will strip away much of the power of the independent committee overseeing congressional ethics. The vote is scheduled to take place today.

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Theodore “Vox Day” Beale defends Trump’s “Alpha talk about women”

Two of a kind
Two of a kind

In news that will shock precisely zero people, fantasy author/piece of human garbage Theodore Beale thinks that Trump’s newly exposed boasts about kissing and groping unsuspecting women are just fine.