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It also does not exonerate him: Mueller Sunday Open Thread (with bonus PANDAS)

Trump violating the emoluments clause by promoting his membership club while pretending to work

By David Futrelle

Weird how Mueller’s conclusion that his report “does not exonerate” Trump has been taken to mean — by the White House, by mainstream media hacks, by right-wing propagandists and even by a certain segment of the left — that his report totally exonerates Trump¬†and that the whole investigation (which resulted in 37 indictments, 7 guilty pleas and 4 people going to prison) was a waste of time.

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2019, eh? New Year’s Day Open Thread

By David Futrelle

I hope you all are having a nice lazy New Year’s Day as we all prepare ourselves for whatever horrors (and possible good things?) that 2019 is going to bring us.

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Happy Tuesday in December and/or Christmas, if you’re into that! Open thread

Please don’t eat this

By David Futrelle

Hope you’re all enjoying today, whether you celebrate Christmas or you’re just having a Tuesday. Here’s an open thread, for celebrating the day (whatever it means or doesn’t mean to you), venting about Christmas weirdness involving relatives, making jokes about Trump, whatever you want.

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Plaid Shirt Guy: The hero we need? Weekend open thread

We love you, plaid shirt guy! Don’t Milkshake Duck us, please

By David Futrelle

Well, the post I was working on for tonight turned into a much bigger post than I expected; I’ll put it up some time later this weekend if I can wrestle it into shape by then. In the meantime, have this OPEN THREAD celebrating the new hero of the moment, Plaid Shirt Guy.

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Supreme Court depression open thread

This fucking guy

By David Futrelle

If you haven’t already heard: Anthony Kennedy is retiring from the Supreme Court, which means we’re even more fucked than we already were. Goodbye Roe v Wade! The Dems need to function as a real opposition party for once and pull a sort of reverse-Mitch McConnell, doing everything they can to block a new nomination until after the midterms. And then they need to win the midterms.

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Hillary’s Big Win: A Politics Open Thread and Meme Contest or Something

And now it's time to Stump the Trump
Now it’s time to Stump the Trump

And then there were two. Now that the Democrats have a Presumptive Nominee of their own, I’m thinking we could use an open thread to talk about Hillary’s big win, Bernie’s future, and how to derail the Trump Train (figuratively speaking).

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Superstorm Sandy Aftermath Open Thread, With Kitties

So far it looks like Man Boobzers got through Sandy mostly OK.¬† Seems like it’s time for some kitties.

First, here’s one kitty unleashing its own brand of destruction:

And here are a couple of tiny kittens trying to help a human with some cleanup.

Discuss Sandy, kitties, and whatever else you want below. (No talk about slavery though.)

And if you’re a Man Boobzer who was unfortunate enough to be in Sandy’s path, let us know how you’re doing!