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Is Paul Craig Roberts on LSD or am I?

Paul Craig Roberts: Tripping balls?

So I started reading this column by Paul Craig Roberts explaining why “white privilege and white racism are hoaxes” and I began to feel a little woozy. Roberts’ leaps of logic were so strange and vertiginous I began to halfway wonder if someone had put something in my drink. Or in his.

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The Umbrella Truthers: Embarrassed by Trump’s rainphobia, MAGAs attack Obama over the time a Marine held his umbrella for him

Rain, rain, go away

By David Futrelle

Into each life some rain must fall. Unless, of course, you’re Donald Trump, in which case you do anything and everything you can to keep even a single drop of that foul skywater from touching your elaborately styled and apparently quite delicate combover — even if it means dishonoring the memories of Americans who died serving their country.

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“Vile Jews” and “Women With Potato-Bag Arses”: What They’re Talking About On Gab

Even cats are horrified by Gab

By David Futrelle

Do you ever find yourself wondering what they’re talking about over on Gab, the “free speech” alternative to Twitter that quickly turned into a playground for some of the worst human beings on the Internet?

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Trump has the best natural disasters: Today in Tweets

What a crowd!

By David Futrelle

The Trumps go to Texas. And other news.

Let’s go to the Tweets.

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James Woods wants you to know how much he really, really hates Hillary Clinton

James Woods: Twitter creep

I always feel a little sad when I learn that some actor or actress I like turns out to have terrible politics. I’m still recovering from my recent discovery that Mike Nelson of MST3K fame is a right winger who loves the Washington Times and Michael Medved. Michael Freaking Medved!! Maybe he really should be shot into space to watch bad films for all eternity.

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Right-wing bloviator Michael Savage says Trump will save white kids from future slavery

Take our hat off indoors, dude.

Right-wing radio host/sentient ball of rage Michael Savage has a dream: that one day soon (right after the inauguration, in fact) little white boys will be able to join hands with little white girls without having to worry that the mean “interloper … phony .. monster” currently living in the White House will sell them into little white slavery.

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Is Obama’s re-election the first step towards a dystopian matriarchy in which men are obsolete?

A glimpse of our purple-lipped dystopian future?

Manosphere dudes are having a little trouble dealing with Obama’s re-election – especially with the fact that women and minorities were behind it. On The Rational Male, the regulars are debating the merits of a post-election manifesto from a fellow named Mark Minter, originally posted as a comment on Roosh’s Return of Kings blog.

Minter, who is basically right about the demographic shift behind Obama’s victory but wrong about everything else, lays out what he sees as the evil forces arrayed against the dudes of America – the white ones in particular — and what he sees as a solution. Naturally, in classic manosphere style, he gets a bit melodramatic about it all.

(In the excerpts that follow, I’m snipping out the demographic details, which everyone here already  knows about.)

Women are winning. Women are going to win and impose the changes on society that they wish and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

The reason Obama won this election and why the Republicans were not able to gain any ground in the legislature was women. Pure and Simply. This election was about women. And the men lost.

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What Men are Saying About Women: “Tunnel Envisioned Females” Re-elect “Feminist Wimp,” Plan to Take More of Men’s Money

Men! Ladies will totally steal your watch — with their votes!

Christian J. — the man behind the blog “What Men are Saying About Women plus a plethora of Issues facing Both Sexes and Society at Large” and the inventor of the MRA two-dot ellipsis – is back! And he’s none too happy about the results of the US election. Because FEMALES.

Here is his highly cogent analysis of Obama’s victory, from a post titled The Bitch “Gimme” Vote Reinstalls Feminist Wimp Back into Office.

The Bitch vote for Obama was always guaranteed as women are only ever interested in handout and what governments can do for them. This is unfortunately as sad fact of life. Women have always voted for Marxists/Socialist/Liberals as they have always promosed them more and more benefits at the expense of all men. Men just end up paying the bills as usual. Doesn’t that suck!

One has to wonder whether women actually give a damn about anything else besides themselves. Voting for someone who may at least do something about the unprecedented US debt and holding back this Marxist neurotic is apparently not one of them. …

[T]his liar in chief will mouth promises, lie about anything and still get re-elected by a bunch or hopeless and tunnel envisioned females who only consideration is how much money they will get out of it all. This is and has been their ulterior motive. Women and money as synonymous like peas in a pod. Their thinking is always restricted to today and screw the future because they will just get more money then. So it’s not  problem.

Meanwhile, suckers like you and me get screwed with ever increasing taxes while our standard of living hits the floor. Charming.

If only the vote were restricted to clear-headed men like Christian!

Damn those “tunnel envisioned females” and their obsession with “handout!”

In a followup post, Christian warns men not to be suckered by women pretending that they all aren’t evil harpies:

Just in case you are still one of those drones who believe that women are just harmless individuals who constantly suffer from something or another. They are helping themselves in the process while you take your time to wake up to the bleeding obvious.

Men! Wake up and smell the women!

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Romney: Defeated by sluts?

Slut voters slutting it up

Leave it to the Men’s Rightsers to come up with an even more ingeniously loopy explanation for Romney’s defeat than even Karl Rove has managed to come up with. According to the anonymous blogger behind the Christian Men’s Defense Network blog, on the far-right fringe of the already pretty fringey Men’s Rights movement, the thing that brought Romney down was “the slut vote.”

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Election Day Open Thread! Plus, some inane crap from Heartiste on the single white woman vote.

Make sure you vote on this crucial ballot initiative.

Election day is here at last! Vote! VOTE!! VOOOTTTTTEEEEE!!!1!!!

Well, if you’re American, anyway.

Americans and non-Americans alike, enjoy these ridiculous thoughts on the Single White Woman Vote from our old pal Heartiste.

[S]ingle women’s prime directive is to fulfill their hypergamous impulse for the highest possible status man they can coax into long-term commitment. The party that is perceived as being pro-unrestricted female sexuality, anti-male sexuality, and anti-drone beta male is going to get their vote.