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This NoFap parody of Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt is possibly the worst song ever recorded

You make Johnny Cash sad

By David Futrelle

Yep, some NoFap dude did a NoFap version of Johnny Cash’s famous cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt,” with the lyrics changed to make a point about the evils of “cooming” while jerking off to porn. Just listen to this mess, if you can:

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Win A Date With a Red Pill Douchebag (Plus bonus Taylor Swift/Ninch Inch Nails mashup video)

I found this video on the alternately entertaining and infuriating Blue Pill subreddit, devoted to mocking Red Pill horribleness. In it, a perfectly nice young woman relates a comically terrible date with a dude who’s obviously been reading too many Red Pill/PUA websites.

Ironically, she went out with him because he sent her a note about Taylor Swift. I’m sure he thought it was a super-clever neg. Unaware that she was dealing with a massive shithead, she thought that he, like her, actually liked Taylor Swift. I guess that’s what she gets for not assuming that all guys are shitheads?