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Paramedic outed as OnlyFans model by the New York Post fights back, for herself and her fellow underappreciated first responders

Last Saturday, New York paramedic Lauren Kwei was outed as an OnlyFans model by the New York Post. Kwei, barely making ends meet on her paramedic salary, had turned somewhat reluctantly to selling nudes on OnlyFans for money to pay her bills. For some reason the New York Post decided that this was their business, posting an article they presumably knew could get her fired from her job.

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The shirtless violin dude from the “I won’t date hot women” piece has a blog! And it sucks

Benedict Beckeld would apparently prefer to date himself

If you read that “Why I won’t date hot women anymore” article from the New York Post that I gently parodied in my post yesterday, you no doubt remember Benedict Beckeld.


Why I won’t pet cute kittens any more

The kind of cat I used to pet

NOTE: This post will make a lot more sense if you read this first. 

When it came to petting cats, as a slow-moving human with a soothing voice, I had no problem getting headbutts from Chicago’s most beautiful cats.