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The Last of Us: Has evil feminism ruined the zombie apocalypse?

A girl … in my video game?

So it’s true: Feminists have started ruining video games with all their feminism. At least according to some dude called pullupjumper on MGTOWforums who recently wrote a post warning his fellow red pill dudebros about a little game called The Last of Us, which is not only filled with zombies but, get this, girls.

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GirlWritesWhat’s delusional defenses of MGTOW misogyny. Also: Mary Daly, and why the moon is not a potato.

That's no moon!
That’s no moon!

So yesterday I had a strange conversation, of sorts, with blabby FeMRA videoblogger Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat, via private message on Reddit.

Given that, in the recent WoolyBumblebee controversy, she put herself in the position of defending Men Going Their Own Way against WBB’s mostly accurate attacks on them, I found myself wondering what she might think of my post yesterday on the MGTOWers who felt it was appropriate to let a four-year-old-girl drown because she might grow up to be the next Betty Friedan or even the next — gasp! — Amanda Marcotte.

I was especially interested in what she might have to say about MGTOW elder Zed, the friend and mentor of her A Voice for Men boss, Paul Elam; in the MGTOWforums discussion, you may recall, he was firmly in the “don’t rescue little girls” camp.

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MRA icon Zed: Let little girls drown, because they’ll probably grow up to be terrible women

What kind of monster will she become?

“Zed,” also known as “The Zen Priest,” was one of the originators of the Men Going Their Own Way “philosophy” and is treated as a wise elder by many longtime MRAs.

WF Price of The Spearhead described a compilation of Zed’s writings as “really quite profound as well as a great read” and used to give it out as a bonus for everyone who signed up for his email newsletter. Paul Elam of A Voice for Men laid it on a bit thicker, saying of the man he described as both a mentor and a friend:

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More #Fidelbogenisms from @Fidelbogen, brave Counter-Feminist Tortoise-Fighting Ant Warrior of Truth

This is actually the picture of himself he uses for his YouTube vidoes.
This is actually the picture of himself he uses for his YouTube vidoes.

I know I just wrote about it, but our Counter-Feminist pal Fidelbogen’s Twitter feed is turning into the funniest thing on Twitter next to 80sDonDraper.

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Science Proves that Men Going Their Own Way Don’t Go Anywhere, Really

I highlighted that one big word.

If you ever wonder what a bunch of dudes who are Going Their Own Way and totally don’t give a good gosh darn about women, nosireebob, like to talk about the most on their special Men Only No Girls Allowed We’re Totally Going Our Own Way forum, well now you don’t have to rely on the comments I so cavalierly cherry pick from their forum.

Nope, I just realized we can use SCIENCE, in the form of the tag clouds that the site puts above the various subforums, to SCIENTIFICALLY see what they talk about. If you cast your glance upwards, for example, you’ll see the tag cloud for the most active forum on the site.

Seems like these Men Going Their Own Way haven’t gone very far, huh?

I’m guessing the National Organization for Women spends less time talking about women than they do.

EDITED TO ADD: If you would prefer to hear this post read aloud by an actual Man Going His Own Way, one of them has helpfully prepared this video. It’s an uncanny impersonation, by the way. They showed me, I guess!

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MGTOWer warns: Soon men will be forced to marry fatties!

Our nightmare future?
Our nightmare future?

Never let it be said that the men of the MGTOW movement don’t focus on the important issues of our time. For example, over on MGTOWforums, a fellow named Andrew brought up a critical danger faced by today’s men, a danger that the mainstream media is too cowardly to address.

I refer, of course, to the rising danger that an innocent, decent, hard-working, good-looking fellow like Andrew might be forced into a relationship with some ugly fat lady.

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Tempest in a Bee Cup: TheWoolyBumblebee expelled from A Voice for Men for making angry men even angrier


More drama at A Voice for Men! Kristina Hansen — the excitable FeMRA videoblogger better known as TheWoolybumblebee — has been tossed off the good ship AVFM by Master and Commander Paul Elam for what he calls her “constant public conflicts with elements of our community.”

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Men Violent Because of Women, Says Man Who Hates Women

I blame women.

Over on This is Why MGTOW, the blogger who calls himself Cerberus Alpha (dude, seriously?) attempts to answer the question: Why are men more violent?

Rather than attempting to engage with the extensive scholarly literature on the subject, or even making a token effort to do any research on the subject whatsoever, Mr. Alpha instead spins a few familiar manosphere fairy tales into “evidence” that it’s all the fault of those evil sexy ladies and their evil sexy and/or feminist ways.

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Misogyny as Activism: The Spearhead “On the Urgent Necessity of Criticizing Women.”

It's all Carole Lombard's fault.
It’s all Carole Lombard’s fault.

There are many, many, many reasons why the Men’s Rights movement is not now, and I suspect never will be, ready for prime time. One of these reasons is that even when MRAs are doing their best to wax eloquent, in the fanciest language they can muster, about the urgent need for men to save civilization from the degradations of feminism and cultural Marxism and whatever by saying even more bad things about women, they just can’t  keep themselves from using phrases like “pussy pass.”

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Christopher in Oregon: “Nature makes women BUTT UGLY fairly early in life to prevent them from breeding.”

This is apparently what happens to all women when they hit the age of 40.
Apparently this is what Christopher of Oregon thinks happens to women when they hit the age of 40.

Time for another visit into the mind of Christopher in Oregon, a confirmed bachelor best known for posting long screeds on his friend MarkyMark’s blog about how ugly and smelly and disgusting women and their various orifices are. Today, his topic is old women, by which he seems to mean all women above the age of 35 or so.

I’m not even going to bother to comment on this one except to say: if you’re a heterosexual man, with an interest in sex, and you actually believe that all women over the age of 40 are icky and ugly and smelly and wear dentures, you’re not only delusional, you’re probably going to have a very sad second half of your life. (And I’m guessing the first half probably won’t be so great either.)

Here’s Chris:

Face it: Nature doesn’t want CRUSTY OLD WOMEN having children! Basic biology, folks, and I’m no expert on biology. It’s just common sense! …

Old women are supposed to be…..old women. Crabby old women. Ugly old women. Nasssssty old tobacco-chewin’ women. …

A woman should be done spewing out babies by the time she is thirty, and no later. By forty, a woman is OLD! Look around you. Look at the forty-year-old women you see every day. See any of them you want to screw? Any of them? Didn’t think so. (Blow-jobs aren’t good either- their dentures might lock up on your weinie! Imagine THAT 911 call!)

Nature makes women BUTT UGLY fairly early in life to prevent them from breeding. Kind of hard to get pregnant if you’re so gruesome no man in his right mind can get a boner over your appearance. But, women, in their arrogance, fail to realize that men are stimulated VISUALLY!

If you look like an old hag, then the penis just naturally will NOT stand to attention. You’ve got to have some sort of good looks to get our motors running, ladies, and if you look like a bag of wrinkly cellulite, then you had better face it- no one wants you! Contrary to the lie feminists have been telling you, fifty is NOT the new thirty! A fifty-year-old woman has less sex appeal than a sheep. (Ask anyone in Montana.)

I am constantly amazed at the post-forty women that have come on to me lately. Give me a break! Do they think I’m blind?

Ick! …

A woman of forty is not sexual in any sense of the word. She is useless for breeding, and her sex appeal is GONE! Why have women fallen for the lie that they remain sexual into their sixties and seventies? They are NOT! They are putrid, smelly shells of their former selves! Nothing more! By that age, a woman looks like the package her body once came in. All sagging, wrinkly and disgusting! …

If you just have to get laid, and you can close your eyes, and hold your breath (pew!), there is no easier lay than an old woman. They are so desperate. So pathetic. So easy.

So gross.

There’s more where this came from over at MarkyMark’s.