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Alt-right fractures as former allies accuse leaders of sexually exploiting teen boys

Matt Forney: The alt-right is “aiding and abetting sodomites who groom teenage boys”

By David Futrelle

White supremacist blogger Matt Forney certainly picked a dramatic way to announce he would no longer be affiliating with the alt-right. In a Facebook posting several days ago, which he subsequently deleted, Forney declared that the internet-enabled fascist movement had become “a coven for homosexual pedophiles.”

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Matt Forney uses anniversary of Pulse nightclub murders to attack “sodomites,” Muslims, and Milo

Matt Forney and Milo Yiannopoulos, in happier days

Alt-right boy reporter Matt Forney, evidently worried that the good people of the internet don’t hate him enough already, is using the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Orlando as an opportunity to attack the “sodomites” who died in the massacre as well as those amongst the alt-right who took advantage of the shootings to drum up publicity for themselves and whip up even more hatred towards Muslims.

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YouTube’s Hbomberguy offers pickup artists a measured Roosh-ponse. Get it? Get it?

Roosh, run through a weird photo filter, because sometimes I like to run pictures through weird photo filters. Ok, not sometimes, all of the time. Filters are my life now.

So the inimitable Hbomberguy has a new video taking on the pickup artists we here at We Hunted the Mammoth have grown to know and loathe, focusing on two of the most loathesome, Roosh V and Matt Forney.

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Matt Forney raves: Mike Cernovich’s documentary Silenced is a “mediocre … slog!”

Forney and Cernovich at the LA premiere of The Red Pill, partially bankrolled by Cernovich. Click on the pic to see an even scarier version.

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Racist baby impersonator Matt Forney has said some ridiculously positive things about Mike Cernovich in the past, declaring the alt-right fellow traveler’s Gorilla Mindset book to be

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White pride goeth before a fall: Alt-rightists turn on each other over “hail Trump” vid

The Alt-Right: Definitely not a bunch of Nazis, no way!
The Alt-Right: Definitely not a bunch of Nazis, no way!

You might think the Alt-Right — that motley gang of Nazis, Nazi-apologists, and Nazi-apologist-apologists that has provided Donald Trump with some of his most fervent support — would be riding high right now.

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Daily Stormer: Celebrate Trump’s win by driving Hillary supporters to sucide

Trump has still not convincingly repudiated his supporters on the far right

To say that the Daily Stormer’s Nazi-in-chief Andrew Anglin is excited about Trump’s electoral victory is a bit of an understatement. Anglin, one of the most influential figures in the so-called alt-right, is so overjoyed by Trump’s success that he’s … encouraging his readers to harass depressed Hillary supporters until they kill themselves. 

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“Red Pill” director Cassie Jaye hits a new low with her appearance on a white supremacist podcast

Odd couple: Matt Forney and Cassie Jaye

Filmmaker Cassie Jaye seems to have developed a weird affinity for bigots.

First, she cozied up to some of the most hateful figures in the Men’s Rights movement during the filming of her documentary The Red Pill.

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Scott Adams accuses Twitter of possible TREASON for shadowbanning him, maybe

If this man were alive today, he'd be deleting some (but not all) of Scott Adams' Tweets
If this man were alive today, he’d be deleting some (but not all) of Scott Adams’ Tweets

I may have given out the first Donald Trump Memorial Award for Complete Lack of Self Awareness to the wrong person earlier today. Because, as much as Matt Forney deserves the award, Scott Adams may deserve it even more. For some of the same reasons, even.

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This week’s Complete Lack of Self Awareness award goes to … Matt Forney

Matt Forney. Detail from a photo he himself put online. Other than enlarging and cropping I have done nothing to alter it in any way.
Matt Forney doing his version of Blue Steel at the LA showing of The Red Pill.

Some great news for the sentient pile of burning garbage known as Matt Forney!

He has won the first Donald Trump Memorial Complete Lack of Self Awareness award (hereafter known as the Donald Award), which is an award I just made up and which I will henceforth bestow on people from time to time as necessary. I’ve named it the Donald Trump award as a way to avoid giving it to Trump, because otherwise he would pretty much be winning it every day.

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Video: H. Bomberguy watches the Alt-Right Dogs trailer

If you haven’t seen this already, give it a watch. H. Bomberguy forces himself to sit through that inadvertently hilarious Alt-Right version of the Reservoir Dogs title sequence and takes apart a Davis Aurini blog post. It’s goooood.