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Chasing those sweet, sexy sheep with The Psychopathic Edge, Twitter PUA

No, The Psychopathic Edge is not an unflattering nickname for the guitarist in U2. The guy who goes by this moniker is a pickup guru with several self-published books to his name and more than three times the number of Twitter followers than I have.

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Ten Hour Beach Sunset vs Big Cats in Boxes: An Open Thread Video Showdown

Sorry, folks. I migrained out today. (Headache seems to be fading now.) So how about an open thread? And a VIDEO SHOWDOWN? Vote for your favorite below!

VOTE! Unlike the real elections last week, there is no wrong choice here, and the results will not cause you to curl up in a fetal position on your bed for a week!

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MGTOW Science Korner: Men Are the Primary Victims of Female Nature, What With All the Babies and Whatnot

Greedy female monkey-branching to a stronger, better provider
Single mom monkey-branching to a stronger, better provider

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One of the standard critiques of Evo Psych is that it’s a collection of “just-so” stories.

That is, the practitioner of Evo Psych takes a look at the admittedly fragmentary data we have about human existence in the long ago and far away Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation, makes up a story that seems like it might explain what was going on, and — ta da! — we have a brave new truth about human nature that carries the imprimatur of Science.