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Christchurch mosque shootings: The Aftermath (Twitter roundup/open thread)

Flowers punned to the gate of one of the mosques targeted in yesterday’s shooting

By David Futrelle

From Twitter, some thoughts about the horrific tragedy yesterday in Christchurch — and just who is responsible for creating the toxic environment in which this sort of murderous right-wing Islamophobic extremism thrives.

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Some people liked Trump’s press conference today. Mostly white supremacists.

David Duke: Thank you, President Trump

Donald Trump gave a press conference today that will be remembered as one of the lowest points in the history of the presidency. It will be included in every clip reel chronicling the ultimate impeachment of Trump.

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Alt-Right dinguses really very excited that one of them punched a woman in the face

Defenders of Ee Ech in Berkeley

So there was a bit of a battle in Berkeley on Saturday¬†between a motley crew of alt-rightists who wanted to give some speeches and a bunch of anti-fascist (antifas) who didn’t want them to.

Things got a bit, well, heated, with the alt-right anti-antifas going on a bit of a rampage.

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Internet jerks pledge to be extra jerky during #TheTriggering

Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering
Captain Picard, shortly after hearing about #TheTriggering

The terrible people who devote much of their lives to being jerks to other people on Twitter and elsewhere online have come up with a brilliant plan to defeat the “Social Justice Warriors” they so despise:

They’re going to be jerks to people on Twitter and elsewhere online, possibly even more than they already are, over the course of the next couple of days (March 9th and 10th). They’re calling it #TheTriggering, because, of course they are.