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MAGAs insist that Mueller’s indictment of Russians somehow proves there was “no collusion.” It doesn’t.

I think there might be something to see here

By David Futrelle

As you may have heard, special prosecutor Bob Mueller dropped a little bomb today — charging 13 Russians and several Russian organizations with a conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 presidential election and support the candidacy of one Donald Trump.

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Endless war, blue racism and Hermes scarves: Today in Tweets

Trump’s bold new plan for Afghanistan

By David Futrelle

Last night, boy president Donald Trump announced a bold new plan for Afghanistan that wasn’t bold or new or really much of a plan at all. Meanwhile, the Treasury Secretary’s wife yelled at people for being poor, Big Ben stopped bonging, and the day after the big eclipse people are wondering why their eyes hurt.

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Scott Adams: Smearing your political opponents with baseless insinuations is “good persuasion”

You know who else was big on lies? This dude

Hold onto your hats, everyone, because Scott Adams has discovered something about politics that could be HUGE — if it weren’t something that literally every single person already knows.