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Lips Dick: Angry knobhead mansplains labial anatomy at Jezebel writer

Excuse me while I whip out my thoughts on your labia

By David Futrelle

It’s only been a month since the most stubborn man in the universe broke the internet by trying (and trying again at much greater length) to explain what he incorrectly saw as the correct use of the word “vagina” to a literally world-famous gynecologist.

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Misogynists go through all 5 stages of grief upon learning that Lindy West has been hired by GQ

A bloo bloo bloo
A bloo bloo bloo

So earlier this month the feminist writer and serial-misogynist-annoyer Lindy West announced that she was leaving her job at Jezebel “to work on personal projects. (I am also available for freelance. Hire me!)”

I took this to mean that she was leaving her job at Jezebel to work on personal projects and do freelance work, because this is something that writers, especially talented writers with a lot of options, sometimes do.

Over in the Manosphere, though, the fellas had a rather different interpretation, which went something like this HA HA THE FAT SLUT GOT FIRED HER CAREER IS OVER WE WON YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!

Or, as the always charming Roosh Valizadeh put it, in a comment on his site’s forums: